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All bio-hazardous waste generated in biocontainment facilities must be decontaminated prior to discharge, solids as liquid waste. Effluent decontamination systems (EDS) are constructed to treat biologically contaminated liquid effluents from hospital and research laboratories, animal holding facilities, autopsy etc. to ensure full inactivation of all viable microorganism.

Belach Bioteknik AB offers environmentally sound thermal liquid waste treatment systems in the range from Sink size -400L/day to Process size- 10,000L/day. Our systems provide fully automated processes with user friendly touch screen display informing the operator of all the stages of the decontamination.

The units are all design according to European Standard EN 13311-5 and PED.


Type JOSEF©, Sink EDS with liquid capacity 400L/day.

Type JACK©, EDS with hold up vessel and capacity from 400 to 600L/day

Type BILL©, EDS with dual vessel configuration and capacity from 1,000 to 10,000 L/day

In-situ laboratory sink type unit

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External drain collection system

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Pilot EDS–dual vessels 10,000L/d

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